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    Edd "Kookie" Byrnes of "Lend Me Your Comb" fame-recorded 1959--
    Words and Music by Warren E Barker, Terry Galanoy, and William A Olofson
    from the Rhino CD "The Best Of Cool Yule"
    four notes of "77 Sunset Strip".
    'twas the night before Christmas and all through the pad
    Not a hip cat was swingin' and that's nowhere, dad
    The stove was hung up in that stocking routine
    Like maybe the fat man would soon make the scene
    The kids had fell by and just made the street
    I was ready for snoresville, man was I beat
    When there started a rumble, it came on real frantic
    So I opened the window to figure the panic
    I saw a slick rod that was makin' fat tracks
    Souped up by eight ponies all wearin' hat racks
    And a funny old geezer was flippin' his lid
    He told 'em to make it and, man, like they did
    They were outta the chute makin' time like a bat
    Turnin' the quarter in eight seconds flat
    Parked by the smokestack in bunches and clusters
    Then chubby slid down, comin' on like gangbusters
    His threads were from Cubesville and I had to chuckle
    In front, not in back, was this Ivy League buckle
    The mop on his chin hid a button-down collar
    And with that red nose, dad , he looked like a bawler
    Like he was the squarest, the most absolute
    But, let's face it, huh, who cares when he left all that loot
    He laid the jazz on me and peeled from the gig
    Wailin' "Have a cool yule, man" and later "like, dig?"
    Transcribed by Ronald E. Hontz

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