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aint nuthin but a she thing


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    Ain't Nuthin' But A She Thing

    Ain't Nuthin' But A She Thing

    It ain't nuthin but a she thing, yeah
    It ain't a man's world
    You go, girl! No more sugar and spice
    It ain't a man's world, no more sugar and spice
    1-It's a she thing and it's all in me
     I can be anything that I wanna be
     Don't consider me a minority
     Open up your eyes and maybe you'll see
     It's a she thing and it's all in me
     I can be anything that I want to be
     Don't consider me a minority
     Ladies help me out if you agree
    2-It ain't nuthin' but a she thing
     (say it proud)
     (say it loud)
     (on the rise)
     (better recognize)
    Now I can bring home the bacon and fry it in the pan
    Never let you forget that you're a man
    Cuz I'm a W-O-M-A-N
    That's what I am doin' all I can
    The thing that makes me mad, and crazy, upset
    I gotta break my neck just to get my respect
    Go to work and get paid less than a man
    When I'm doin' the same damn thing that he can
    When I'm aggressive then I'm a bitch
    When I got attitude you call me a witch
    Treat me like a sex object that ain't smooth
    Underestimate the mind Oh yeah, you a fool
    Weaker sex? Yeah, right! That's a joke
    Have you ever been in labor? I don't think so, nope
    I'm a genuine feminine female thing
    Can ya hang?  Ain't nuthin but a she thing
    (rpt 1, 2)
    On the reel I'm a female doing what I feel
    Put me to the test yes I will get ill
    Sensitive and sweet deal and all that good stuff
    When it's time to get rough baby I'm rough enough
    Ain't afraid to show how I feel down deep
    Compassionate but don't underestimate me
    I'm intelligent, wise, complicated being
    With the instinct to dream and believe in the dream
    Family's first before anybody else
    Take care of them before I take care of self
    I'm a genuine feminine female, thank you
    Ya hang, ain't nuthin' but a she thing
    (rpt 2)
    You got to understand it's a she thing
    We got the power yeah and you know the deal
    So you go girl, it ain't no man's world
    You can do anything do what you feel
    Excuse me, hold up, pep got the floor
    Give your props to the strong
    Women layin' down the law
    Taking control of the rules in their life
    Standing up pretending all the wrongs to the right
    I like to give a shout out to the mammas out there
    Bringing up the babies with the tender loving care
    You're in charge of the future of the nation
    Do the right thing, lay the foundation
    To all the single mothers Salt-N-Pepa said
    Keep your head up
    I know it gets hard sometimes but never let up
    You're a genuine feminine female thing
    Can ya hang? Ain't nothing but a she thing
    (rpt 1, 2)
    Now let me break it down to the marrow of the bone
    I'm a female and I got it goin' on
    Don't be fooled by my s-e-x
    It ain't that simple, I'm more complex
    We've come a long way and baby that's a fact
    Let's keep moving forward, girls never look back
    Fight for your rights stand up and be heard
    You're just as good as any man believe that, word!
    (rpt 1)
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